Monday, February 1, 2010

Get out the Guilt!

There was the guilt for leaving on a business trip to a warm climate while my family freezes back in New York. Then there was the guilt for missing Sophie's swim meet and Jacob's basketball game, and for leaving my husband Michael to spend the weekend driving from end to end of Nassau County between the two. But stepping on and breaking Michael's toe 24 hours before bailing on everyone? Now THAT'S GUILT!!! (Sorry honey!).

As my guilty stew continued to boil, I began to think of all the OTHER things that I feel guilty about. I simply do not have enough time, energy or finger-power to type them all here - BUT one thing that did pop up for me was that I felt guilty for letting my blog lie fallow - for more than a year.

Now THIS I can do something about! So here I am - hineni.

Let's get some coaching around guilt, shall we? (And trust me, I need it, too).

What does feeling guilty get you?
What does feeling guilty cost you?
Whose voice - other than your own - do you hear in the guilt? What strikes you about that?
When the guilty voice pops up, what could you say directly to it?
When will you tell it to pipe down?
What's ONE thing you can get off your guilt list TODAY - by deciding to take care of it, skip it, or something else?

So here's mine: I feel good that I'm blogging today. I may not blog again until 2011. And I'm cool with that.

Let me know about yours!

To Your Success without the Tsuris,

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