Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Jewish Coach Goes in Search of the Holy Grail in North Carolina

Last week, my Aunt Laurie moved to temperate North Carolina from frigid, frostbitten Minnesota. Tomorrow, I head down south to help her unpack, set-up and explore her new surroundings. In explaining to my kids, 7 year old twins Jacob and Sophie, where I was headed and why (as a frequent business traveler, I have mastered a 10-second "pitch" explaining the why, where and how long of each sojourn), I tried to engage them in my mission.

"So," I asked, "what kinds of places would you like me to find near Aunt Laurie's house for when YOU get to come visit?" Like the lawyer I am not (but my father-in-law secretly hopes I will become), I asked the question knowing the answer already. I sat back, waiting for the inevitable list: toy store, candy store, ice cream store...

And this is why I am not a lawyer -- because I never saw this coming.

Sophie replied: "Bathrooms."

Bathrooms? Not an amusement park, zoo or go-kart track?


Basic needs. What fun would everything else be if you don't have a bathroom?

It reminded me about how important it is to take a step back and distinguish between needs and wants. So ask yourself:

What are three things you really need -- in your career, in your relationships, for your health?
What are three things you really want -- in your career, in your relationships, for your health?

Not sure? Use my FREE TOOL to find out.

Oh, and be warned: it doesn't ask about bathrooms.


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